Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cerita Kolej 12 : Me now .

Dear friends, 

too many problems now
my life getting dim
no more laugh
only tears with me all night
smile juz for them
for them to think im happy
to hide all my sadness
not making them worry about me
eventhough sometimes i failed
but i'll still make sure 
they stop from asking me questions 
fake smile all these days
im sorry guys
i need to do that
n i have to do that
please understand my situation
thanks for always be with me
i'm not the old aiza anymore
i've changed
im not like this blog anymore
that full of colours
and happiness
i'm juz like a piece of paper
a blank white paper

Dear Allah, 

but the only thing i know
i know
Allah is always beside me
Allah is always waiting for me to ask for His forgiveness
oh Allah
im sorry for not being a good muslimah
im sorry for not being a good servant
im sorry for not doing my responsibilities towards Allah
if my time has come , please let me go peacefully
im so embarrassed to ask this from You
coz i know
im not eligible for this
i've done too many mistakes
but still do not repent
still doing the same mistakes
still do not ask for Your forgiveness

oh Allah
please bless me in whatever i do after this
i need You in all the things that i'll face after this
i cannot go through all this by myself , alone
i really2 need Your help
only You can help me

Your servant

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