Monday, February 13, 2012

Cerita Kolej 10 : Busier Life 2012 :(

2012 comes...meaning that i only have one more year to decide who am i for the next 6-7 years..meaning that i will get more work,,more assignment,,more tired,,more crush,,,errrkkkk..sorry..i mean,,more stress,,more depression..meaning that i have to work harder,,push myself more to study,,no playing,sleeping,gossiping over the limit..urrrgggghhhh!!!that's hard! -___- and all this can be conclude as i will having a BUSIER,,TIRING life after this...

first of all,, *not first laa,,coz i only have one thing to share* i want to share my happiness ^_____^ after having a miserable life for about 2 month plus,, finally,, my event successfully done!!! yeeaahhhh!!! World of Venture 2012 was very meaningful in my life becoz this is the first time i handle such a big event in my college.. *huh! not bad rite??* =D seriously,, dis event taught me a lot in being a responsible leader.. how u manage ur time,, how u stabilize ur study with other works.. even my mom scold me coz im being too kind hearted (reallly ahh??) but, yeah! for me,, once i agreed to take the responsibilities, that's mean,, i need to finish it no matter how busy or stress i am.. in fact,, i feel proud to be myself becoz not everyone in this world can do this thing.. dis event also taught me a bit on how i can communicate with others,, how to be a strong person and most important is how i can manage my tempered (actually,, sometimes i still cannot do this =_= yeah! my bad ) *err,,sorry for those yg dah jd victim :3 * err,, thanks a lot to all the committee mmbers who helped me a lot to make my dream comes to reality.. n thanks also to all the participants coz without all of you,, i think this camp will not going to work.. ^______^
model kasut :P

4 sekawan

beautiful snake :3

waterfall model :DD

big applause for them ^_^

juz arrived :D

errr,,why am i too excited?? :3

Bbq night :))

5 dara pingitan.. LOL

masa utk balas dndam kt mr president :P


excited jmpe air =D

kemurungan?? :3

delicious chicken ..yummm yummm

it's cool!!!!

CPU family :D

most busiest person for this camp ^_^

i wish i can upload all the photos but there's almost 700 photos i think.. so,, impossible laa nk upload all the photos kan?? phheewwww~ *sorry,, gmbar tak tersusun*

finally,, after almost two months i couldnt get enough sleep,, now i can sleep as much as i can.. *err,, big liar!!* not actually,, coz yeah! i got a lot of things to be done,, i hav to cover all the topics that i missed.. another job is waiting for me.. even im not the project manager anymore, but i still have to help them coz im also one of the committee mmbers for Donation Drive for Palestine.. *the most part that i dislike is the MEETING part =____=

fuuhhhh.. see!! i told already.. my life is getting busier now.. many things to be settle.. class test,, assessment,, trial,, FINAL!!!! warrrggghhhh!! time running so fast.. T_T i got 4-5 hours only to sleep.. hukhuk.. i miss my high school life.. college life make my life miserable.. but yeah! i know,, i have to go through all this to make sure i get a better life in future ^___^ juz hope that i will be fine either mentally or physically :)) in shaa Allah ^___^


Nora Maizura said...

aizaa! acappp! hehe, tanggungjawab mematangkan kita, :)

p/s : kirim slm MEC for acap :)

fAdZ JunIOr said...

hahaha!nora! =D in shaa Allah..

*i miss you soooo much!!!! :') *


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